Vengara ,Malappuram ,Kerala

Residence for Mr Abid 
Total Area : 3037 sqft
Site Area  : 17 Cents

At the entrance the site is broader and then narrows a bit towards the end. The exterior of the house resembles that of colonial settlement in several ways. 

The public space and private space are arranged into two bands of parallel spaces.

On the northern side is the guest area. In the day time major activities are carried out in this area. As per the clients requirement, a layer of privacy is added between the bedrooms and guest spaces. Here the stair and the passage adjacent to it acts as a built barrier between them.

The large columns and large sloping roofs helped in creating a massive look for the house. A large swimming pool becomes a part of private area and is restricted for guests.

Light filled interiors are achieved with the help of large windows and openings. Colour pallets and materials which give a soothing feel is used in this project.


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